Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

At TRU Method Physical Therapy, we focus on the well-being of our patients, and do our best to help them return to a pain free way of life. Aside from the sports injury, automobile accidents, and chronic pain cases we treat every day, we also offer a spa experience you’re sure to love! We have a Facial Rejuvenation Specialist who performs different types of facials to promote relaxation and younger looking skin. Aroma therapeutic essential oils fill your senses and have unique effects on the body and mind, such as clearing congestion, eliminating headaches, and stimulating a relaxed mind. She offers hot stone facials to ease any muscle stiffness, as well as all-natural facial masks, including her Green Tea mask, homemade with the best organic ingredients. She will personalize your treatment based on your skin type and stress levels, so that you get the most benefits from your facial as possible.

We use Cupping every day to assist in the healing process, but Cupping also serves as a fantastic, non-invasive technique to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Specially designed cups are placed on the problem areas of your face, neck, and upper chest, and suction is applied to gently lift the facial tissues. Cupping for Facial Rejuvenation is much like getting a facial at a spa, as it is a relaxing, yet healing treatment, with many health and beauty benefits. Some of the greater benefits include reducing fine lines and wrinkles, relaxing those tense facial muscles, and bringing nutrients up to the surface of the skin, giving you a healthy, younger looking glow.

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